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Southside Creative is a close team of creative professionals based out of Chattanooga, TN. We are passionate about partnering with good people and organizations across the country to produce exceptional work that betters the world around us.


Our skills are specific and fine-tuned. We are specialists, not generalists.
We create visual branding systems that enable organizations to put their
best face forward to their audience. This includes everything from the
logo, typography, photography and iconography to website design, app
design, and website development. We aim to elevate visual experiences
in both digital and tangible ways; we specialize in brand environments and
event design.


That’s simple. We exist to create things that promote growth and enrich
lives in organizations and communities. It isn’t enough to make something
that looks good. We endeavor toward work that drives action, generates
results, and makes for change.


Strategy doesn’t hinder style, it makes style possible.

Client input is extremely valuable to us, every step along the way. We listen carefully to what you want, and we make every effort to understand your company and your market the way you do. Building great client relationships is invaluable to who we are and what we do.

Research & Discovery

We want to walk a mile in your shoes, so it’s important we get the right fit. That is why client input is valuable to us, every step along the way. We listen carefully to what you want, and we make every effort to understand your brand and the landscape the way you do. Building trusted partnerships is integral to who we are and what we do. After we hear from you, we go back to our camp and hunt and gather for research, data and personas to develop core insights delivered as a Insights document.


Now that we understand more about your situation, our team begins brainstorming and ideating to solve the challenge you brought to us. We develop a series of unique messages to reach your audience.


With an approved message, we design a plan to communicate the messaging to your audience. This could be an ad, poster, mood board—so long as it is contextual. And just before launching the message we’ll confirm we are in the right direction by testing it with a sample of your target audience.


Whether your project is brand development, website design, ad campaign, marketing strategy, or brand audit believe in three things: creative integrity, client/agency trust, and results-based approaches. With every engagement, we believe there is a unique opportunity to reach and impact your target audience.

Our Team

Collaborators, conceptors, communicators … co-conspirators.

Ronelle Sellers

In the wide world of marketing, Ronelle has pretty much seen and done it all—from hauling in ten tons of sand to create a “beach” for an in-mall promotion to transforming introverted accountants into strong community-centric leaders, Ronelle has a “whatever it takes” attitude with every challenge she encounters. With twenty years of experience, Ronelle brings a true partnership perspective to an agency setting. Her strong leadership is underscored by her ability to bring a team together to ensure a successful outcome. She is the board chair for the Chattanooga Women's Leadership Institute, was named Unbought Unbossed by Girls Inc in 2017, was a 2016 Chattanooga Woman of Distinction, and raised $20k for the Partnership for Families, Children and Adults during Dancing with the Chattanooga Stars. When she's not at work, Ronelle is a fitness instructor at the Sportsbarn, and spends most of her free-time cheering her daughter along, on the sidelines.

Casey Yoshida
Art Director/Designer

Simply put—Casey loves to make things. With a heart of gold this diligent designer leads the creative process for many Southside Creative clients. Casey has worked in brand design and digital design for over five years. With both B2B and B2C brand experience, Casey has guided companies creatively by developing compelling and emotive designs to produce strong and measurable results for clients. Casey graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2010 with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. He received his MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design. Casey is also a co-founder of TopCon - an independently organized design conference in Chattanooga, TN. Casey is a food making, picture taking, concert attending, movie watching kinda guy. This is how he spends his weekends... when he's not making things.

Kacie Yates
Art Director/Designer

Kacie oversees the design team and creative direction of projects. Kacie has worked on both the agency and client side and is always pushing the agency to consistently produce great work. She specializes in all aspects of branding, print design, and web design. Prior to re-joining Southside Creative, Kacie was a Creative Director for Jamestown—a high-end real estate investment firm based in New York, NY with properties across the country. She has three kids (technically dogs) that she watches on her nanny-cam or keeps with her at the office.

Caroline Christman
Communications Director

Caroline specializes in strategic planning, partnership development and public relations for brands of all size. She has generated creative, multi-platform programs that propel clients in front of new audiences while crafting compelling angles to maximize media opportunities. Caroline worked on fashion and lifestyle-related clients at a New York, NY based public relations agency prior to relocating to Chattanooga in 2015. When she isn't at work, Caroline spends her time with her Brittany Spaniel, Penny, traveling to Florida to visit her family and enjoying the outdoors.

Gray Gill
Writer/Content Strategist

Gray works with our designers and clients to bring ideas to life. Ever since the fourth grade when he would write notes to crushes, Gray realized the power of the written word. Today, he writes with compelling style and strategic depth to help brands woo their customers.

Sallie Tipton
Social Media Specialist

Sallie has just recently started her career in the marketing world as a Marketing Coordinator for Southside. She is energetic and always eager to assist with digital and creative needs. Sallie graduated from Mercer University in 2015 with a Bachelor's in Business Marketing. She's a coffee addict, self-proclaimed foodie, and a huge fan of all furry friends. When she isn't working, she's traveling to cheer on her family's many football teams.

Marlee Robinson
Graphic Designer

Work With Us

We’re always looking for our next great team member. If you want to work in a highly collaborative environment that celebrates ideation, leadership, resourcefulness, initiative, accountability, and fresh thinking, drop us a message at info@southsidecreative.com. Be sure to include resume/experience and work examples via files or website link.

Southside Creative

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About Us

We are a close-knit bunch of visionaries who care deeply about the little things, because they have the biggest impact.


We are a full-service studio of problem solvers and storytellers, who use thoughtful design to deliver stunning results.


Our approach to every project is highly intentional and strategic. We make the complex simple and the bland beautiful.


Our approach to every project is highly intentional and strategic. We make the complex simple and the bland beautiful.